What are Keywords?

Today’s topic is one of the biggest topic for most people – “What are Keywords?” and “What is a keyword search?”.

This is a very important area in the field of Digital Marketing. Today, I am alsoWhat is a keyword search going to  show you how to perform these searches. In the past, I was taking this very lightly and never went into greater detail. There are different tools in the market that will help us with the Keyword Research. Some of these tools include: Keyword Planner (Provided by Google), Market Samurai and Jaaxy (provided by Wealthy Affiliate). Today I am going to share with you, how everything works.

What is a keyword search?

Millions of people around the world are constantly searching online everyday. People have different interests. Some people search online to get more information or to buy something. They do this by entering their desired keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example, say you are looking for the latest deals on Dougs Pizza, the address and phone number of the location. To do this, most people would go to a Google and type in the name of the business into the search bar as shown below.

what is a keyword search

Now I am going to walk you through, how I do this:

I usually start out using Google. When I type the keyword “dougs pizza”;  Google instant( the words that drop down as you are typing is called Google instant) will show me the most popular searches that people are interested. This will give me an insight of what other people are searching for. I can also get some great insights as to which keywords would work best for me by using this method.

By performing this search, I will be able to some good keywords. After getting this list, I go to my keyword tool – Jaaxy. I then plug these keywords into Jaaxy and within few seconds I end up getting some detailed results. With the help of these results, I create my article or blog post.

Let us now perform some keyword searches:

In order to do this, I am going to use my Keyword Tool – Jaaxy to do my research. You can also use other keyword tools like Keyword Planner or Market Samurai.

Let us evaluate a niche – “lose baby weight” and see how many of these we can find from that search.

There you go:

What is a keyword search

As you observe in the above example, with that particular keyword, I have come up with 12 powerful keywords with some incredible stats.

The #1 Reason why I use Jaaxy for all my research:

There are several reasons why I use Jaaxy. But today I am only going to focus on a few of them.

1. Anyone who is familiar with keyword research, can easily find some good ones that they can use.

2. With Jaaxy, not only can I find some great keywords, but I also can get detailed stats on each keyword. This is very important factor that determines the success.

 Now, let me elaborate the stats as you see above:

  • Competition- With this, I can find out the exact competition that any keyword. This tells me the exact number of pages ranked in Google under the same phrase.
  • Monthly Searches- This tells how many people are searching for a particular keyword in every month.
  • Estimated Traffic- This data estimates how much traffic I should be get if I would get ranked on the 1st page of Google. This is usually the top 5 positions on page 1. The most important factor is that your website should show up in the top 5 results in Google.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator(KQI)- This feature tells me whether or not what i searched for will be easy to get ranked or not. It is based on a traffic light system!
  • Green light keyword quality indicator Green is Low Competition.
  • yellow light keyword quality indicatorYellow is Average Competition.
  • Red light keyword quality indicatorRed is High Competition.
  • SEO Power- This is a number score that is based on 2 important metrics. They are:  QSR(Competition) and Monthly Searches. It measures how much power your keyword has to get ranked high in the search engines. If the number is between 1-100, then it is the best.

Now it’s your turn to do some research of your own:

Based on everything we have discussed today, its your turn to try it out for yourself. You will quickly find out how easy and fun this can be.

For more information on Jaaxy, and how you can claim a FREE trial of this tool,check out my official review here.

I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. Feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you right away.

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