The Four Golden Rules of Keyword Research

Today’s topic is one of the most important topics in regards to Keyword Research. We have discussed about Keyword Research several times before. There is one important thing that we haven’t discussed about – i.e. “The Four Golden Rules”.

Every keyword that you need to choose is a Gold-Nugget Keyword which follows the four Golden Rules. So, what are the four golden rules of keyword research?

They are as below:

  • Relevance:


Relevance is very important when doing the Keyword Research. If you target the irrelevant keywords, you may obtain a top ranking in Google and also a lot of traffic to your website.

But if the content of your website is not relevant to the keywords you have chosen, it will result in a very high bounce rate with little or no sales.

The real secret to success is to get “Targeted Traffic”. It is this traffic that can offer you the potential for high conversions.

  • Traffic:



One thing you need to understand is that in every niche, there are keywords with different traffic levels. Some keywords have high traffic and some other keywords have low traffic.

In the example above, as you can see – “Digital Photography” is a High Traffic Keyword Phrase as compared to “Digital Photography Classes”. These keywords tend to produce very different results when typed in the search engines.

Hence, it is very important for you to remember that the number of searches that people are typing in a search engine matter when choosing an appropriate keyword.


  • Competition.


Competition is one of the most important areas that you need to consider when choosing a keyword. The amount of competition gives us the indication of how many people are actively competing for that particular keyword phrase.

There are two kinds of competition – High level of Competition and Low level of Competition. You should also assess the strength of competition before choosing the keyword. Some keywords have a very strong level of competition with lots of authority. This would make your target more difficult to achieve some good rankings.

  • Commerciality.


Commerciality is the measure of the potential profitability of your keyword phrase. A good way to understand this concept is to imagine the keyword phrase like a pipe that produces a certain amount of monetary flow. A highly commercial keyword is like a wide-pipe having a strong monetary flow. A low commercial keyword is like a narrow-pipe having a weak monetary flow.

So How do we choose a High Commercial Keyword?

Before I give you the solution to this problem, let me explain this more clearly. Your website has met all the above three criteria’s – Targeted Traffic, Acceptable Levels of Competition, and Highly Relevant. As a result of this, you are on the first page of Google having a good number of traffic – but nobody seems to be buying anything.

One reason for this is that you may have unintentionally targeted a phrase that has a low level of commerciality. Before you select a phrase to target in your online business, it is therefore very important to check the commerciality of the keywords you are investigating.

The best way to do this is to see the Average Adwords Cost Per Click and the SEO Traffic. The formula to calculate this is using SEOV OR SEO Value.

SEOV = SEOT * Adwords Cost Per Click.

This will help you get a more commercial keyword when doing your keyword research.

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