Planning to Hire a Writer for your Website? You need to Read This!

In Internet Marketing, many people who are just getting started online and are new to Internet Marketing, think that they can hire a writer to write content for them. They believe that is this an easy way out and money will start flowing out to them.

From my experience, I would like to say that this is a very bad idea and how this can hurt you when you are starting out in the online world.

Reasons why it is NOT a Good Idea to Outsource When You Start First Out Online:

I started with Internet Marketing about 6 years ago, and I struggled a LOT when I started Online. Like many starters, I too thought the same way as below:

  • We aren’t capable of writing engaging articles as they have poor grammatical and writing skills.
  • We don’t have time to write.
  • Lack of confidence in the process.
  • Being brainwashed by IM gurus who promise Instant Money with NO WORK.

When you make a decision to hire a writer online, there are a few things that you need to consider when you want to have a successful website. This ranks a lot for awesome low hanging keywords.

  • Your writer needs some guidance from you so that he/she knows what you expect from them. (Lay some rules).
  • You need to have a budget on how much money you want to spend each month. Make sure that you don’t go over your budget.
  • You need to know a little about SEO and Internet Marketing so that you know what mistakes to look for.
  • You’ll need to still format the content and add relevant images so that it’s ready to publish as this takes some time.

Now guess what? If you are new and not that experienced, you will end up spending LOTS of money and will see little or no investment. It will always be good to learn new skills to help you earn more money later on.

Areas that You Need to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Anyone to Do Work on Your Website:

When you make the decision to start the Online Business, it’s upto you to build an online reputation and build solid relationship with your future visitors. Remember, behind every search online, there is a real person who is looking for help and searching for answers to their initial search query.

Choosing someone on Fiverr to write blogs for you?

Before you decide to hire someone on fiverr, you need to do some thorough and in depth research on where to find experienced and high-quality writers who have lots of knowledge about your particular niche.

They also need to be able to provide your website value and be able to help you build an awesome impression when people visit your website.

Some problems that I found with a few writers who have helped me:

  • They overuse keywords (Keyword Stuffing).
  • Doing Plagarism.
  • Content not written in an engaging tone to keep the audience engaged.
  • They don’t come up with a catchy or interesting headline.
  • Lack basic skills required to write a good article that will get ranked on the first page of Google.

Do you really want to pay someone to write an article, only to have to spend a couple of hours going over all over their mistakes and getting it ready to get published?

When is the Best Time to Hire a Writer and Start Outsourcing Your Work?

Based on my personal experience, I would recommend that you need to give atleast one year time before you start outsourcing your content. This way, you will have a pretty good understanding on how SEO works and what Google expects from you as a Webmaster. You should also have successfully ranked multiple web pages on the first page of Google and have a decent amount of revenue coming in each and every month.

It makes no sense to spend money when you aren’t earning any money? After you have accomplished these things, you can start searching for a writer for your website. A good place to start would be somewhere from or Another thing you could do once you are getting a good amount of traffic to your website is to place an ad requesting for experienced writers on these websites.

Best Place to Learn where to get a Great Writer and How to Build a Website Step-by-Step:

With over 6 years of experience in Internet Marketing, I can defenitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Some of the core reasons why I like to recommend are as below:

  • It’s FREE to get started.
  • You are surrounded by like-minded people who are already successful in building websites and who love to help you out.
  • Anyone can learn how to build a website and learn how to get awesome rankings on Google, regardless of how bad your writing skills are.

When I first started out in this business I only knew how to check my facebook, email, and do a few other simple tasks online.

Before you become successful with outsourcing your work to other people, you need to first understand how everything works. Once you gain a better understanding of online marketing and website building in general you’ll be in a much better position to hire other people to work for you.

I really hope this has helped everyone out today and hopefully I have been able to answer any questions you may have had surrounding this topic. If there was anything I wasn’t clear on or you feel that I have skipped over something and you still have questions about outsourcing when you first start out, please leave them for me in the comments below this article.

I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this subject. Did you actually go through with it, and if so how did it turn out?

I would love to hear about your experience and I’m sure other people would as well. Leave it for me below and I will get back to you A.S.A.P

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