Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the best programs that is very popular in the affiliate marketing world. In this post, I would like to explain more about a new program with Amazon called Mechanical Turks.

Can you Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

As we all know, Amazon is well known for its #1 shopping website where you can buy thousands of products cheaper than anywhere else. Today, we are going to examine in detail about the Mechanical Turk program. Make money with Amazon

So, what is the Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and how do we make from it?

Mechanical Turk program is basically a program where advertisers are looking for people to do odd jobs for them that they don’t have time to do.

Some of the jobs that you will be doing are as below:

  • Transcribing audio snippets and vice-versa.
  • Finding hours of operation for a particular business.
  • Filtering out inappropriate content on a website.
  • Proof reading articles and checking for errors.
  • Listening to audio and picking out keywords per their instructions.
  • Doing research on a particular topic.
  • Tagging certain images per their instructions.
  • Paraphrasing sentences or changing them to meet their guidelines.
  • Translating inscriptions from one language to another.
  • And much more…..

These jobs are called HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). Most of these jobs take a few minutes to complete. There will be hits that will have a time limit on them and you need to have it completed before the timer hits to zero.

There are thousands of HITS available each day and you don’t have to worry about running out of work. The amount that most hits pay is anywhere from $0.01 to $10 and up.

When do you get paid for the hits you complete?

Once you submit your work to be approved, you will usually be paid within 24 hours or less. This money will be added to your amazon payments account which you can request payments sent directly to your bank account or a cheque.

There are a few minimum requirements and I will list these below:

  • You need to accumulate atleast $10 before you can have the money transferred to your bank account.
  • A minimum of $1 is required before you can transfer the money to your gift card.

Is there anything that I should watch out for?

This program has been around for more than a decade and is recommended by Amazon. Hence it is not a scam.

Here are a few Tips that you need to keep safe when you are looking for HITS to work on:

  • Never give your personal information – like email address, phone number, residential address etc.
  • There is always a good chance that these companies whose sole purpose is to spam you with affiliate offers are looking to add you to their mailing list.
  • Beware of high paying HITS. Sometimes the work that is involved isn’t from the company that is offering you.
  • When in doubt – contact Amazon Customer Support.

Some of the Pros and Cons of Amazon Mechanical Turks:


  • Get paid instantly as soon as work is approved.
  • Hits usually take a few minutes to complete.
  • Instant approval – no waiting time to see if you are approved or not.
  • Plenty of HITS for everyone.
  • Low Minimum Payouts available.


  • Super low payouts. Some HITS aren’t worth your time if the payout is so low.
  • Amazon doesn’t screen all transactions – so it can be open to scam artists.

My Final Conclusion:

Mechanical Turk can be a great way to get started online to make some instant money. It has worked for some people, where they have made a lot of good money. I always believe that Affiliate Marketing is much better.

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