Keyword Research

Keyword Research as you all know is one of the most important topics in Internet Marketing. I know that everyone of you gets scared of Keyword Research. The success or failure in Internet Marketing comes down to two important factors:

  • The Market you choose.
  • The Keywords you target.

It takes a little time to understand about Keywords and how the whole process works. But once you master your keyword researchskills in finding a good profitable keyword, then whole world of Internet Marketing becomes very easy.

Before we get started, let me first break down the whole process for you and show you the things that you need!

  • First, you need a reliable keyword tool that is going to give you true and accurate results that are upto date.
  • Second, you will need your keywords that you will be researching.
  • Third, You will enter those keywords in your keyword tool.

Within the next few moments you will begin to develop your expertise in doing keyword research.

The goal here is to find some awesome keywords to use for your website, and get your website on the first page of Google.

Now, let me explain this in detail. This comes down to 3 easy steps. If you master these three easy steps – you will become addicted in doing keyword research.

The 3 Determining Factors that you need to look out when doing Keyword Research are as below:

1. Low Competition – This is the most important factor that you should look at, when you are determining whether your keyword is good or not. If you can’t get ranked in the search engines for that keyword, then it does not make any sense.

You need to make sure that you aim for anything below 400. The lower the number is, the easier it gets to be ranked in the first page. One important concept that is used is called QSR. This is also called Quoted Search Results. This tells you the exact number of competing pages found in Google for a particular keyword that you type.

One of the best recommended tools that offers this unique feature is Jaaxy.

2. Number of Searches – When you type for a keyword in the keyword tool, it should get a certain number of searches. It is always best that you choose keywords that get anywhere between 50-100 searches per month. This should also have a low competition score as well. These will also add up if you get 10,20 or 50 searches ranking on the first page. This will boost the overall rankings of your website.

3. The Keyword must make some sense and be relevant – No matter how low the competition is and also having a good number of searches, the keyword that you choose must be relevant and also it must make some sense.

There is no point in trying to put an article together and using keywords that don’t make sense. This can hurt you in different ways – like you’ll have trouble in putting an article together and also nobody will be interested to read your article.

One thing that you must remember is that you are writing content for the audience and not the search engines. People love to read engaging articles that make some sense and offer some value.

Now that I have outlined the three basic steps above, it is time for you to try it out in your Jaaxy Keyword Tool. 

For more information, check out my Jaaxy Review. It will answer you further questions that you have about Keyword Research.

If you have any further questions about Keyword Research, or how to find keywords I would be glad to help you out. Leave your comments below.

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