Empower Network

Name:Empower Network
Price:$25/mth(blogging)+$19.95/mth(payment processor)+$100/mth(Inner Circle)+$500/one time(Top Producer Formula)+$1000/one time (Team Building Formula)+$3500 (Mass Influence Formula)
Owners:David Wood and David Sharpe
Training Provided:None
Training Levels:Intermediate to Advanced
Product Recommendation:NOT RECOMMENDED
  The Empower Network Review


Product Overview:

Empower Network is a product developed by David Wood and David Sharpe. Like most Internet Marketing products online, I would like to say that this product is a big scam. They create a big hype in the minds of most individuals about the success potential by sharing the big paycheques that people earn.

The real truth is that they don’t tell you how to make it work. When you decide to join the Empower Network program – the initial cost is a monthly $25 fee for getting their blogging platform and a $19.95 monthly fee for their payment processor. The total adds up to a monthly cost of $44.95.



When you pay the signup fee for this amount, what you will be doing is to look for people and join them under you and promote their product. This is a very unethical approach.

Target Audience for Empower Network:

The target audience for Empower Network is the general public OR any Internet Marketing user. They claim that anyone can make a LOT of money by doing very little work. This program is intended for people who want to work hard in building their downlines.

They use very unethical strategies in product promotion. I have personally joined empower network listened to their stories and I struggled so hard for 3 months and didn’t make a single dime. They talk about blogging daily as the starting point. The question I didn’t know is “What should I blog about?”

Writing a blog is not a simple thing. It takes a lot of time, effort, patience and hardwork to achieve great results in life. When you get too excited about getting rich quickly that’s when you fall into all the trouble. There is no such a thing called EASY MONEY!

Is it possible for you to make money on Empower Network?

There are people who make money and there are lots of people who don’t make any money using Empower Network. Check out the Income Chart for the active members who are promoting Empower Network. This should give you a better understanding of the Income Potential that is available:

The Empower Network Review

As you can see, more than 45% of the people are making little or no money. I got this graph directly from the website, and this information is upto date. The few people who are making money are the ones of the top.

Tools and Training Provided when you Join:

There are different layers of training available at EN all with different price points. The training is really all dependent on who your sponsor is. Some sponsors in Empower Network do a great job of training others how to promote this ponzi pyramid scheme. They do this so that they can build a successful down line and increase their income.

The Empower Network Review

If you are looking to build a successful business in any niche that you want and grow your business everyday, then Empower Network is not for you. The main focus of their training is to provide you with the tools that will turn you into an aggressive salesman.

Support offered by Empower Network:

If you are looking for help and support within the EN community then you are going to be highly disappointed. There is absolutely no help or support provided unless you are willing to go “all in”. This is the message I got from my upline sponsor.

Even then all you get is a few videos and audio recordings telling you how great their program is and why you should be promoting it.

I would NEVER recommend any program to my visitors that doesn’t have any personal help or support. I wanted to bring something else to everyone’s attention as well. If you don’t go all in as they call it, then you will be insulted and your so called team leaders will call you a “wussy” along with many other degrading names.

(Going “all in” means that you need to buy all of their low quality high priced products)

Why you may ask? because if you don’t buy into the other high priced low quality training modules then everyone else that is above you won’t make any money.

Each week David will have you call in and get involved in their team calls. These are pretty much just another “rah rah” session that is geared towards getting you pumped up and give you tips on how to promote EN.

Pros and Cons of Empower Network:


  • Costs $25 to get started.


  • Once you join you have to try and get other people to join by whatever means is necessary even if it is unethical.
  • You are buying into the DREAM that if you go all in you will make big money in a small amount of time. (Kinda like playing the lottery)
  • They have been banned from Facebook and YouTube for some time.
  • Due to the fact that they are running an illegal business you have to pay $20 a month extra for a payment processor just to get any money you earn from this company.
  • If you don’t upgrade you will be called a wussy along with many other names.
  • No personal help and support from the owners.
  • A continuous stream of up-sells.
  • It has been banned in the United States(Maybe that is why it’s located in CostaRica).
  • Paypal won’t accept them due to them running an illegal business.
  • It is 100% NOT newbie friendly.

The Different Products inside Empower Network:

The following are the different products that you need to purchase if you want to make money with Empower Network.

$25 monthly fee for their blogging network- 

For $25 monthly fee you are going to get a basic WordPress blog that is tied to the Empower Network. There is nothing special about these blogs and everyone gets one when they join. Ever since the latest Google update in late May 2013 these blogs are being picked up as spam and they have lost most of their rankings.

You could get the exact same blogs right here for FREE that won’t have the Empower Network splattered all over it. You could use these blogs to promote anything you want.

If you ever do decide to leave, all of the content you create on these blogs is not yours. You are required to sign a disclaimer stating this when you join. To be honest with you guys you are basically getting nothing for your $25 a month except the right to promote EN to other people on a blog that you don’t own.

$19.99 monthly payment processor fee- 

This is the first time I have ever seen a program that charges you a monthly fee just to get paid. This automatically raised a bunch of red flags for me. Instead of going through Paypal or any other company, Empower Network has to do this because Paypal won’t accept them due to the fact that they are running an ILLEGAL business and they are considered high risk.

When you join they tell you that you need to pay this monthly fee to be an affiliate for their company. This is just the start of their lies and you will come to realize this the longer you stay with them. There are no affiliate programs out there that charge you to promote their company. Why would they? You would be bringing them more business.

$100 monthly fee for the inner circle- 

This has got to be the worst thing you could ever spend $100 on every month. The inner circle is a bunch of audio recordings from the gurus at the top who are getting rich off of you.

They are basically bragging about their success (I shouldn’t call it that, ripping people off is a better term)  while they are sitting in their yachts sipping margaritas. So once again for another $100 monthly fee you are getting nothing except the chance to get paid higher commissions to try and get other people to join under you.

$500 one time fee for Costa Rica Intensive- 

This is a series of webinars that go over things like SEO and online advertising. This is a guy or girl in front of a whiteboard explaining how this all works.

The only problem is they record them in a way that is so boring that it could make anyone fall asleep. Each video is about an hour long and it doesn’t go into a lot of detail because the main focus of these videos is teaching you how to promote their sleazy so called products to other people.

Definitely not worth $500 you could learn all about SEO and online advertising and get started for Free.

$1000 one time fee for the $15K formula- 

This is another set of videos showing you the different ways that you can promote the Empower Network. With 9 videos in all, these cover a variety of different topics including using Facebook and YouTube to promote EN.

This should raise some more red flags as well because Empower Network can no longer be promoted via Facebook or YouTube. They have been banned from both networks. I have never heard of a product or service based company getting banned from these networks.

$3500 one time fee for Costa Rica Masters Retreat-

This is the newest set of videos geared towards how to promote EN. There are 40 lessons in all and the videos are in HD. Released in August of 2012 they cover everything from how to get started to becoming a leader and not a follower.

They are basically just like before a bunch of rehashed videos from the ones listed above the only difference is these are in HD. Once again you are not getting any value here for your money.

For $3500 you could get a real education in Internet marketing for 10 years.

So as you can see you are looking at over $6,000 if you want to succeed and make any decent money with Empower Network. This is not even close to the $25 that everyone promoting this scam says you need to invest to make money with this program.

My Conclusion about Empower Network:

There is no product whatsoever so when you join you are going to be selling thin air to everyone. If you don’t know much about Internet marketing or how EN works, you will end up losing lots of money and fail miserably at this. When people join under you it is your responsibility to train them on how to recruit other people into this program.

That is why they say if you don’t go “ALL IN” you won’t succeed. The less you buy into it the less you will make. The only way to build up a successful down line is to do one on one personal coaching with every person who joins under you through Skype or Google hangouts.

If you are the kind of person who has no problem

  • Lying to people just to get them to join under you.
  • Selling them dreams that they could possibly make $1000’s.
  • Take every last penny they have and leave them with nothing.
  • Joining the EN zombie club where the only phases coming out of your mouth is Don’t be a wussy, 100% commissions, bad ass, David Wood.

This way, you will fit right within the Empower Network. This product is NOT FOR ME.

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The Empower Network Review

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