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How to pick the Right Domain Name?

In the world of online digital marketing, we should remember that the success or failure of a business begins from choosing a proper domain name. There are a few different types of domain names that you can pick up from.

2 Different Kinds of Domains:

1. Keyword Rich Domains- These domain names are names where it has the keyword that you are targeting right in the domain. Every keyword has certain number of searches. When the domain has the appropriate keyword – it gets easily indexed by Google. This will help you gain the trust and get your website visitors attract to you at a personal level. This will also give extra boost to the search engines.

2. Brandable Domains – Branding is another valuable strategy in choosing a good domain. You could get your name brandable by Google. With time – brandable domains get trust and builds relationship with people.

Methods of getting a Domain Name:

There are two methods of getting a domain name. The first method is to get the domain the free way and the second method is to get the domain the paid way.

How to get a Free Domain with Free Hosting:

As you start your journey in Digital Marketing, the free way will work perfectly fine. Here is the tutorial that will teach you how to setup the website. In order to do this, you will need to setup your account with Wealthy Affiliate. Please check here – on how to set up a FREE Account.

What is the Catch?

The catch is that all these domains have at the end of it. Instead of you using, it will be

Is it really a big deal? Not at all – they all carry the same value as a regular domain when it comes to the question of rankings and getting listed in the search engines. If you later decide to switch to your own domain name, it is very easy. Here is the tutorial on how to transfer to your own Domain Name.

The paid way of getting your own Domain and Hosting:

Some people would rather have their own domain which is perfectly fine. When choosing a domain – it is always best to choose the .com domain. They usually cost about $10-$12 per year.  One of the best places you can purchase domains is GoDaddy.

GoDaddy always have promotions that you need to watch out. Private registrations cost an extra of $10.

I would highly recommend you to start with a free domain right now. This can always be transferred later on.

Some Reasons why I say this:

1. Free Option is a great way to start out so that you can get comfortable with the system.

2. You can always transfer free domains to paid domains at a later time.

3. Saves you money and earn while you learn.

Please do share your experience and do comment below.

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