Clickbank University Review

NameClickbank University
Owners:Justin Atlan, Matt Hulett,
Adam Horwitz
Price:$47/mth; $797/year
Upsells:$297 yearly website builder; $97 Advanced Master Class
Training Available:Yes
Support AvailableVery Weak
Overall Rating:3.5/5
 Clickbank University Review

What is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is a program that is started by Justin and Adam in the early 2014. This is a training center where you are going to learn how to create your own digital product and how to market it to your target audience successfully. It also offers training on how to sell other people’s products through Affiliate Marketing.

Here, you make money by learning how to create your own digital marketing product and market it successfully in the CB Marketplace.

Clickbank University Target Audience:

If you have tried making money on Clickbank and wasn’t successful, then this program is going to cater you or anyone who is looking to be successful with Clickbank. This program is geared towards beginners as well as people who have experience with product creation.

Pros of Clickbank University:

The following are some of the benefits that I liked about the Clickbank University:

  • In-depth training on how to create your own digital products.
  • Excellent training on how to get the army of affiliates to sell your products.
  • Training is user-friendly and is geared for newbies as well as experts.
  • Website builder is point and click, and drag-and-drop which is easy to use.
  • Comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.
  • Live Weekly Webinars which comes with the Q&A.

Cons of Clickbank University:

The following are some of the setbacks of Clickbank University:

  • Locked Training Modules. You get access to one set of training modules per week. This means you can’t work at your own pace.
  • You need a premier account (Yearly Membership) to unlock all of the training in the members area.
  • Support offered is not very effective.
  • Doesn’t come with all the required tools to get started. There are upsells which you have to purchase.
  • They no longer offer the $1 trial for you to try it out.

Do they have any high quality training to get you started?

As you can see in the Image below, their training is broken down into three modules:

Clickbank university training

There is a video that goes along with each lesson. I really liked this simple fact that, no matter what way you learn, it is best covered in the training.

Starting on the left here, you will find that this is the beginners tab. Here you will find training on how to create your own digital product. You will also be trained on how to sell it in the Clickbank marketplace. This is an 8 week course and you are forced to go through one course per week.

If you made your way through it in less than one week, you will have to wait for the other courses to be unlocked. This creates a bad taste for people who want to go fast as they use a drip-feeding approach.

Clickbank University Training Breakdown:

This Includes:

  • Your first product– This gives you some ideas of how to create your first product(Week 1).
  • Packaging your product– This includes getting your product ready for sale to the general public (Week 2).
  • Sales pages+upsells- This is training on how to create your own sales pages along with creating your own upsells to go along with it (Week3).
  • Converting your visitors into buyers- This training focuses on the importance of writing high-quality content. Focus includes turning your traffic into sales.(Week 4).
  • Product pricing+ sales funnels- Within this training you are going to be learning how to create sales funnels as well as setting prices for your products. (Week 5).
  • Building a list (Autoresponder)– Here you are going to be learning how to get started in email marketing and how to build your first email list. (Week 6).
  • Getting approved- This training module shows you how to get approved for a variety of different marketing channels and ways to grow your business.(Week 7).
  • Leveraging JV partners for maximum conversions- Within this training module you gain access to another platform you can use to sell your products through.(Week 8).

In the advanced section of the training, you are going to be introduced to more advanced ways to get traffic to your products and how you get to convert them to a higher rate.

Advanced Training Includes:

  • Pay per Click Marketing  -PPC using different paid ads such as Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  • Ways to leverage social media to get traffic to your website.
  • Using JV (Joint ventures) as another source of traffic.
  • Some strategies that are used by the top sellers in the CB marketplace.

The affiliate section is ideal for anyone who is not ready to create their own products. If you are comfortable to sell other people’s products then you will find this to be a good choice.

One of the challenges that I found is they don’t go into depth on how Affiliate Marketing works.

Here are few important strategies that is covered in the training:

  • List building(Email marketing).
  • Creating Squeeze/Capture page.
  • Email List Building.
  • Ways to manage your list.
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your website.

All of the above are very important when you have an online business. When you are first starting out though, you should be focused on content creation and getting traffic to your website.

One thing I observed is – Clickbank University is putting the cart before the horse. It does not make any sense to build an email marketing list. Content is foundation of any business and also you should be able to get a decent amount of traffic to your website.

Who is going to sign up when there is no traffic to your website?

Are you looking for better training, better tools, and a thriving community of help and support? This should be the place you must go!

Do they provide you with any tools?

Clickbank University does not provide you with any tools when you join. The only tool they offer you is just a website builder. This doesn’t come with your membership. This will set you back an extra $297/year. In addition to this, you will need to buy your own domains.

Website Builder:

CBU has their own website builder where you can create your own squeeze pages, and opt-in forms. You can also create as many websites as you want and hosting is included in this package.

The main thing I really liked was that it was easy to setup and all you had to do was point and click then drag and drop.

Clickbank University Support:

There are a few ways to get help and support from CBU:

  • Community – CBU offers a forum where you can ask questions, get answers and network with other successful entrepreneurs within the CB network.
  • Email – You can send an email to the support team whenever you have questions that you couldn’t find answers to the forums.
  • Chat – You can chat with the owners of the product at certain times of the day.

While going through their support section, I found out that many questions hasn’t been answered for days. Most of the time, members of the community will answer your questions. But the staff is active in the forums at certain times. As I started digging deeper, I did see a few replies that came from the staff:

CLickbank university support

I also had a hard time to get support from them. I have emailed a couple of questions that I haven’t received any reply. As time goes, the support should improve – but at the present moment, it is not the greatest.

How much money is this going to cost you to get started?

CBU has a few price points that you need to know about before you decide to get started if you decide whether this opportunity is for you or not. Let me list all of them right now, and show you how much you are gonna invest if you want to make any money with this program.

  • The basic membership program will run you about $47/mth.
  • The yearly membership (premium membership) will cost you $797/year. This will unlock all the training modules which you can learn at your own pace.

Are there any upsells?

CBU has a couple of upsells within this program compared to the other programs that I have seen:

Upsell #1: Clickbank Website Builder:

Clickbank’s own website builder helps you build as many websites as you want along with a free hosting. This costs about $297/year.

You can also create membership sites, products and sales pages as well as affiliate product pages.

Clickbank website builder

Upsell #2: Advanced Master Class:

There is an advanced training course where you are going to be learning more about email marketing, list creation, and list management. There is also a training on how to create a popup exit box.

This products costs an additional of $97 which is a one-time fee.

Clickbank university advanced master class

Now, let’s calculate on how much it’s going to cost you if you purchased all the products along with their upsells.

$47/mth X 12 months = $564  + $297 + $97 = $958.

Your cost to do the business has almost doubled when you add these tools. We have not included the costs of doing PPC which will increase your overall expense. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have all this money tied to the website builder that is tied to Clickbank.

If you decide to leave, you will have to transfer all the data to another hosting provider.

Now, let us compare between Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate:


My Final Conclusion:

There are good things and bad things about CBU. If you are looking for training on how to create your own digital marketing products, then I will recommend you the Clickbank University.

You can also learn on how to get an army of affiliates to sell your products which will help you make you even more money. This would be the other side of affiliate marketing where you would be the vendor instead of an affiliate.

Having your own products can give you a lot of headaches, such as product delivery, customer returns etc.. It is a lot more better to be an affiliate marketer.

This is what I feel is the best approach for a full-time living. If this sounds interesting to you, then keep reading- you are gonna love this.

Although CBU is a great program, not everyone would feel comfortable to create their own products.

Why would you want to pay more money and earn less? With Wealthy Affiliate, you get:

  • 10 FREE starter lessons with instant access to hundreds of training modules.
  • An actual community of Internet Marketing experts who can help you answer your questions anytime.
  • Instead of paying $958 per year, it is a lot cheaper to pay $359.
  • More high quality training and tools.
  • No locked training modules (You can move at your own pace).
  • Around the clock 24/7 live chat. Get your questions answered instantly.
  • Personal one-on-one help and support directly from me.
  • A 59% discount on your first month. (Normally comes to $47, but offered at $19).
  • You will also get training on how to be an affiliate on ANY product – not just Clickbank products.

I would love to hear your experience below. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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