In today’s article, I would like to talk in detail about Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.  Clickbank is a digital marketplace which sells digital marketing products. The origins of Clickbank hails from 1998.

Make money with clickbankMy goal is to walk you through step-by-step and show you how to master Clickbank.

There are a few things that you need to know before you get started:

I am sure that most of us have seen other websites that claim to make thousands of dollars in little or no time in Clickbank. These get rich quick schemes don’t really work at all. They are out there just to get your money and don’t care whether you will succeed or not.

A few things into perspective for everyone who has tried to make money on Clickbank before:

  • You can’t make money if you have no idea on what you are doing. You need proper training under proper supervision to learn everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing.
  • This is going to take time, patience, lots of hardwork and determination. This is NOT easy and requires 100% attention, but it is definitely worth in the long run.
  • This is NOT easy and it will require your 100% attention, but it will be defenitely worth it in the long run.

One of the most common questions that people ask is – “Can I do this even if I am NOT good with computers?” The answer is YES. Anyone who is willing to work hard, follow the training can make money doing this.

What exactly is Clickbank and how can I make money from them?

Clickbank (CB) is the #1 digital marketing online marketplace that has been in the market for close to 2 decades. There are millions of people who make money with them and they have paid out over $2.5 billion to people all across the globe.

Imagine that you get a share of this money and start getting paid what you are worth. With over 20 categories to choose from, you can pick and choose what you want to promote and get started for FREE. There are people in 190 countries who are making money with them and you could join these people today.

Two ways you can make money from Clickbank:

1. Affiliate Marketing: There are thousands of products on Clickbank that are already on the marketplace. Each time, someone clicks on the link and purchases the product, you will earn a commission.

Writing your own ebook  The commission rates are so high that you can earn upto 75% commission on most items and promote multiple products at the same time. You can also create your own product and sell them on the marketplace.

Here are just a few of the many ideas that you could use to create your own product.

1. Writing your own e-book:  This could be a guide or walk-through that shows people how to do something. For example: If you are in the dating niche – you could write about how to strengthen your relationship.

2. How to Training Videos:  Are you a trainer or love helping to show people how to do something? You can create your own training video series and sell them on the marketplace.

3. Creating Softwares: If you have strong coding or pretty technical, and can design a software that can solve a particular problem, then selling your software on clickbank would be an ideal choice.

These are just a few different ways where you can create your own products and sell them on the Clickbank Marketplace.

Areas that you need to watch out on Clickbank:

Unfortunately, everything that is available on Clickbank isn’t good. There is a pretty good amount of low quality products out there and down right to scams on CB. This is due to the fact that Clickbank does not screen the vendor’s products.

People can bring in low quality products to their network and approve it. You will find lots of these low quality products in the make money online niche. They are scattered across the entire platform.

Sample product that you should avoid:

Low quality clickbank products

Now, lets look at a few things in this listing. This wouldn’t be an ideal product you want to promote. The average $/sale is only $3.25 which yeilds very low commission. The gravity is 1.05 which means that this product won’t sell.

Some reasons why this product is very low:

  • This is not a product that people are interested in.
  • It could be an old product and no longer in existence.
  • It’s a low quality product and it doesn’t offer any value to the customer.

Here’s another low quality product:

Clickbank product of no value

As you can see above, the gravity and sales is zero. Even though this could be a new product, it hasn’t gained the momentum that needs to start converting into sales.

What you should be looking for when trying to start promoting products on CB:

Before promotion, you need to do a thorough research when you are trying to find good products to promote. This includes – checking out the landing pages (Sales pages) to make sure that it isn’t providing an upfront and honest sales pitch. Some of the questions that you need to ask is – Is it informative or does it get to the point? Or is it all hyped up?

Another thing you need to look for is whether the vendor’s site is website or a sales page. It is always the best if the vendor’s is a website and not a sales page. This will definitely help when you are looking for a good quality product to promote on Clickbank.

If your product has a recurring commission, then you will continue to get paid month after month. Having a lot of these will help in building a solid residual income. This will be listed as an average rebill in the stats under the program.

You need to take all these aspects into consideration when deciding on what to promote on CB.

The following are some good examples of products that you can promote:

Good products on clickbank

A great Clickbank product

What to do after you find a product to promote?

After find the product that you want to promote, you will need to do some keyword research. This is to see what kind of competition you are against.

Then you need to check up the top 5 listings on the first page to see how easy or hard it is to outrank them. The main idea is that-  the product that you are focusing on should solve a particular problem, and provide the information that people are looking for when they do a search on Google or other search engines.

Would you like to get some FREE training on how to master Clickbank?

This free video will show you how to become a Clickbank affiliate. I would presonally recommend you to sign up and get started for the free starter course.

Here’s what you will get when you join:

  • Personal help and support directly from ME! I will guide you on how to get your online business setup and running
  • 10 FREE starter lessons that walk you through this step by step
  • 2 FREE websites so you can try it out for yourself
  • You will be joining a community of like minded  Entrepreneur’s who are making money online that truly cares about helping you do the same thing.

I hope this has given you a clear understanding on how clickbank works and how you can make money with them. I would love to hear from you. Kindly share your experience at the bottom here.

Please do leave your comments, questions, and feedback here. I will get back to you right away.

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