Choosing your Niche

What is a Niche?

In the world of Online Marketing, there are a few things that I would like to talk before we discuss in detail of what a niche is. The three important terms that I would like to share are as below:

  • Market: Market is a group of people who share similar interests. There are different kinds of markets in the How to choose your nicheonline space. Some examples include: Golf, Weddings, Video Games etc. Each of these markets have several subsets called Niches. Now I will share with you what a niche is.
  • Market Niche: Market Niche is a subset of a market. These contain a subset of people who have very precise interests. Some examples for the Golf Market include: Golf Putters, Mid Marshe, Apron.
  • Keywords: Keywords are words that the user enters in the search engine to get access to a market niche.

How do I find a profitable Niche?

This is one of the most challenging questions that most newbies have in their mind. In order to answer this question, let us take a look into our own home.

  • Every product that you see in your room could be a potential niche that you can focus on.
  • You hobby and things that you are passionate about, can also become a great niche to focus on.
  • A product or service that you recently bought, which you have great experience. You can share it with everyone.

Areas that you need to look out when choosing a Niche:

  • You don’t have to be too choosy in selecting a niche. Any niche is profitable.
  • You should always narrow down towards having a specific category for your niche.
  • Don’t spend too much time trying to think of a perfect niche.
  • You can always change your niche anytime.

Finding a Niche:

One of the best way to find out a good niche is to go to DMoz. This is an online directory with over 5 million websites, having vast amount of different niches and sub-niches that you can focus on.

How to choose your niche

Now, let us take an example – Say Computers is your passion.  In this category, you are presented with 96,000 different categories for the niche.

As seen below, this niche is very broad. If you want to have success in this niche – you need to narrow it down to very targeted results. When you click on hardware, you will see that you are presented with over 5000 results.

How to choose your niche

Next, we are going to Components-  which presents over 683 results. After clicking on Components, we get the following list:

How to choose your niche

Then going into processors, we are presented with 272 results. The result is as below:

how to choose your niche

Now, you can see that our results are getting more and more refined. We can build a website focusing on selling computer processors.

Additional Training on Niche Selection:

If you are looking for more training and support with Niche selection, you should check out my review here.

This is one of the best places that I can recommend that has in depth training on niche marketing, how to find niches, and many more subjects like this is the wealthy affiliate university. I have learned so much about niches, and learnt how to perfect them.


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