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Today, I will share with you one of the most advanced keyword tool that will ensure you success in Online Marketing. One of the most important things that you need to remember is that without an effective keyword tool, it is almost impossible to succeed.

The #1 Keyword Tool that Recommend is – Jaaxy:

Ways to Save Time an Money when doing Keyword Research:

The Most Advanced Keyword Tool EverThe Internet World is continuously filling up with lots and lots of different tools.  It is imperative that having a proper keyword tool is going to make your job very easy.

 Taking Keyword Research to the next level and beyond:

Jaaxy is one of the highly recommended Keyword Tools for your business. With all the advanced features, it makes your keyword research very easy.

In the next 30 seconds, you can find out:

  • The competition of any keyword (How many other pages are ranked in Google) exactly.
  • The monthly searches.
  • How much traffic each keyword gets.
  • Domain Availability for the keyword.
  • Affiliate programs associated to that keyword or niche.
  • The keyword quality indicator – Red, Yellow or Green.
  • Whether the keyword has strong SEO power to get ranked in the search engines – high or not.
  • Whether your website is ranked in the search engines or not.

Understanding how keyword research works and how to get ranked high in the search engines:

Keyword Research boils down to three important things. They are QSR (Quoted Search Results), KQI(Keyword Quality Indicator), Monthly Searches.

QSR (Quoted Search Results): This is your competition and the main aim should be to target for anything below 400. If you can narrow it down to 300 or below, you can get ranked high on the first page of Google.

KQI(Keyword Quality Indicator): The Keyword Quality indicator gives you the indication of whether your keyword is worth pursuing or not.

Green The Keyword has less competition and it is worth pursuing and it is easy to rank high on the search engines.

Yellow  – This keyword has moderate competition and will take a lot more work to rank on the search engines.

Red  – This keyword is highly competitive and it is very difficult to get rankings.

Monthly Searches: The keyword you choose should have a decent level of monthly searches and it is very important get more than 50 searches a month. The traffic will come after you get indexed and start to obtain good rankings.

If you can do these three things when doing your keyword research, you can easily get ranked in the search engines.

For a more indepth review of what Jaaxy offers, check out my review. Please make sure that you share your comments below.

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