About Me

About Me:

Let me first begin by introducing about myself. I am Shivaram Swamy and I am an Indian Origin. I was born in RajeshKerala, India. During my entire journey of my life, I have lived and travelled to different countries around the world. After completing my primary education in India, I then moved to the middle east where I completed my middle school. After completion of my middle school, we then we to Canada on Immigration and then gotten our Canadian Citizenship.

 My Academic Education and Experience:

I graduated from University of Windsor in August 2006. I did my double major in both Electrical Engineering as well as with Industrial Engineering. After completing my education, I was working in the US as an IT Consultant in different Industry domains – Healthcare, Manufacturing and Service industries.

I have worked and lived in different states across the US. Some of the places I have liked are Hawaii, HI, Minneapolis, MN, Memphis, TN, Harrisburg, PA, Detroit, MI and Jacksonville FL. Throughout my career, I have learnt and gained so many things which I felt very valuable for my life.

My Family:

I am born in a family of 4 members. I have one younger brother and he works as an IT consultant in Florida. From my childhood till now, I owe a LOT to my parents and all the well-wishers who have taken active participation in making my future a big success. I can’t thank enough for everything my parents have done to me till date.

My Experience with Digital Marketing World:

During the late 2009, at the time of the peak recession in the job industry – I decided to begin my career with Digital Marketing. Like every starter, I was inspired to see the success of many money -makers online. Thinking that it will be easy, I joined my first company called Herbalife. Thinking and dreaming of high-potential rewards, I started spending a lot of money not realizing that it takes a lot of time and hardwork to build your success. I was lured by the Shiny Object trap and didn’t do well.

I struggled a lot with Internet Marketing as I didn’t know where to go. I have tried different products online and I failed miserably one after the other. I really had no clue on which way to take things forward. One thing that I had in my mind is that I must succeed at any cost.

I then did my certification with Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Bing. In addition to that, I also gained my Advanced Professional Certification from University of San Francisco and also Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy.

The combination of my education and experience proved valuable for my future.  I gained a thorough knowledge of the overall strategy of Internet Marketing.

With over 6 years of experience in Internet Marketing, I have gained so much knowledge and skills in this world. If you want to really read more about me, please visit here.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate last month technically and I should say that this is one of the best decisions I have made. This product is so well organized with is guaranteed for success whoever completes all the required tasks.

To read more about Wealthy Affiliate, please visit here:

My Secret to Online Sucess


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